What is Calcfox?

Calcfox is an application which provides financial companies and calculation designers with the ability to create math based systems. No technical knowledge required.


Our 15 years experience in the industry has revealed frustration with high costs, long development timeframes and questionable quality. This is why we built Calcfox.

The Solution

Calcfox allows you to design the system you require, and absolves away the requirement for a development team. Our application reduces cost, time to market and operational risk.

Usage Examples

Calcfox can be used to develop and maintain ad-hoc calculation systems for any financial sectors, such as Insurance and Banking. Or it may be utilized as a proof-of-concept modelling tool to support such production systems. We are also interested in supporting the 'Internet of Things' by leveraging our application as a premier Math API for such.


We are participants in The New Frontiers Programme. This is an Enterprise Ireland initiative aimed at supporting the establishment and growth of technology or knowledge intensive ventures.

The Tradtional Way

  1. Actuaries and Business Analysts from ACME Insurance Ltd prepare specifications and spreadsheets defining the proposed calculation systems being designed and developed.
  2. They pass these to their own internal IT Department, OR ...
  3. ... to an external software development company (Calculations Software Ltd).
  4. The calculation systems are developed for ACME Insurance Ltd over the allocated project timescale. An entire team are dedicated to it’s creation. Once delivered, it is integrated into ACME Insurance Ltds existing systems.

The Calcfox Way

  1. Actuaries and Business Analysts from ACME Insurance Ltd log into the Calcfox platform.
  2. Using their own predefined specifications and spreadsheets, they can design the required calculation systems in Calcfox.
  3. Once complete, Calcfox takes care of the rest - it codes, builds and publishes the calculation systems in real time. No requirement for a software development team or any technical knowledge.
  4. The resulting calculation products are published as APIs, meaning such can easily be integrated into ACME Insurance Ltds existing systems.

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